Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spinning Into The Bottom of the Barrel

It's been a year since Wooden Shoe last posted here. A year of watching; a year of witnessing and waiting to see how the Sandbox Bullies chose to behave and, more importantly, how the rest of the playground reacted.

It has been a year of continued unspeakable acts of psychopathology of the President and his movers and shakers. When the Iraq debacle began in 2001, the media, public, and money allies waved the flag and assisted in creating a truly hateful and terrorist inspiring world presence. We actually thought the President was worthy of being named Time's Man of the Year.

Now, if you who read this post were to sit in the waiting room of the mental health center where I work and come across George Bush sitting there as well, stripped of the gloss and glitter, and hear him start a tout or rant about being in charge of democracy in the world, I guarantee you would raise your eyebrows, bury your heads in a magazine and deperately hope someone would quickly take the man away to a safe locked unit where he could be treated and not have access to any weapons. What you see, instead, is a desperate, irrational middle aged man clinging to an eroding slope. He has no insight, no judgement, and is definitely a danger to others...and "we" the US citizens accept this AND give him the power to order the destruction of the world. This is the hallmark of pathology of this type, carefully exploited at first to create the illusion of good and then revealing the actuality of despotic power.

We, the US citizens, have absolutely not one word to say about the running of any other country at this point (and never have except through example of a well run -- not any more -- democracy and self-governance by the citizens). The debased and corrupted actions of the members of leadership we chose to elect are all the more shameful for the lack of correction by the country's citizens. We not only chose, but clung to the coattails of a runaway demon and now are coming too late to awareness of the effect of this parasitic attachment.

Only in very recent months has the media retrenched from support for the administration's hurtling charge into chaos in the name of "democracy and freedom." Only last week did a man who spoke with eloquence and truth at the 2004 Democratic Convention make the front cover of Time Magazine. And, true to the current groupie mentality of the public, the wording of the new infatuation with Barack Obama reflects his "rising star" qualities not his more mature emerging statesmanship and leadership abilities. The man is already being staged for falling off his pedestal when he doesn't keep his idol position and shows himself to be more complicated than a media bite can encompass.

I fault the President and the Sandbox Bullies for their unspeakable actions over these years, and have seen no change except for increasing pathology and desperation leading the country to a pivotal point of hatred by anyone who recognizes the difference between true freedom and cult slathering devotion.

Sadly, I also fault myself for a year's inaction of public voice, and the rest of the US citizens for failure to use what remnants are left of the Constitution and government structures to halt this madness and reduce it to the back ward of a forensic state hospital unit where no one can be further harmed.

Wooden Shoe


Blogger The Cukester said...

Well, it may have been a while, Wooden Shoe, but you've obviously not been idle!

Good post. A bit constrained, actually, all things considered. I mean after all... look at the stakes! This guy and his sandbox bullies (cool term) are ignoring the real world and supplanting it with their own, self-indulgent fantasy. The American people, long indoctrinated with the idea that they have some say in the 'election' of their government are only now beginning to be able to recognize just how untrue that propaganda is when they witness the consequences of exporting 'democracy' to other parts of the world. Iraq -- we don't need to dwell on that -- is a complete disaster but we gave them 'free elections!' Palestine? Well we gave them elections too but they elected the 'wrong' side so those elections weren't really free were they. Besides, they don't really count; after all, how can anyone take a Terrorist Bunch of Thugs like Hamas seriously within the sanctity of a true democracy?

But world-wide elections and the shambles of democracy are only part of the problem. Bush and his bullies are so intent on selling this stuff to the Americans and touting and vowing and all the other hyperbole to their corporate media lapdogs that we have given them ample opportunity to dismantle the democratic process here at home -- right under our noses. There have been voter "purges" initiated. Photo ID card requirements for voting introduced. Election machine manipulation 'researched.' Absentee voting 'touted' as the only way to be certain your vote is counted -- although it has been more than adequately demonstrated that a great many absentee ballots were simply shunted aside and NOT counted. Oh, the reasons varied from being recieved too late to 'inadvertently misplaced' to 'lost in the mail' to being mis-marked to... well pick an excuse. The fact is they were NOT counted and it is the Republican Party, in particular which is pushing for voters to vote 'absentee' this time around. Now just why is that?

Why are they looking to keep people from going to the polls? What is the advantage to them? Hmmm... with this administration and their blatant distain for the underlying precepts of Democracy in this country there has to be some percieved advantage to them.

Probably the reason is they recognize that, should election results be left to those scummy little people called voters, their pathological grip on the country might be in jeopardy and their Corporate handlers could become somewhat less generous and maybe even a little angry!

Conspiracy theories used to be a bit of a fringe excercise. With this Administration it is simply too easy to find conspiracies throughout. Such theories now beg center stage and, there is little doubt that there is still enough Current to light up the hall!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Wooden Shoe said...

Cukester, that is an elegant and eloquent comment. It is perhaps all the more synchronous because of it's resounding validity. I thank you for a thoughtful and historically accurate post.

Wooden Shoe

3:19 PM  

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